This time, it is planning to commemorate the 110th anniversary of New Balance, one selected as photograph "# MY BETA" who captured 110 people who are active in various contemporary scenes and continue evolving, Mr. Shigetoshi Egashira of Dog Trimmer I gave you a story. He is the author who made Poodle a living stuffed animal like a teddy bear. He is having busy everyday in this summer with the third shop opened in Minami Aoyama. Mr. Egashira who runs a favorite car on holiday sucks me into the fulfillment of the work and the play which it shows more than the time, the richness of feeling, and the richness of sensitivity, contrary to the softness of the waist as impressed.

 今回はNew Balanceの110周年を記念した企画、現代の様々なシーンで活躍し進化を続ける110人を捉えたフォトグラフ「#MY BETA」に選ばれたひとり、ドッグトリマーの江頭重知氏にスポットを当て、話を聞かせて貰った。彼こそがプードルをテディベアのような生きたぬいぐるみにした張本人である。この夏には3店舗目を南青山にオープンし多忙な毎日を過ごしている。休日には愛車を走らせ過ごす江頭氏は、印象通りの物腰の柔らかさとは裏腹に、時より見せる仕事や遊びへの信念と感性の豊かさに、私を吸い込んでゆく。

Photo TAQUEE / Composition & Text BIRDLAND / Translation HISAO ISHITANI

I saw a way to do it


「最初はアパレルメーカーに務めながらお散歩代行をしてたんだよ。でも仕事にパッションを感じなくて犬の面白さに引き込まれて行ったのが始まりなんだよね。」 江頭氏の引き込まれた世界は深く、改めてトリミングの専門学校に入学し直して技術を習得したそうだ。

In the trimming room of the glass-faced trimming salon "DogMan" on the first floor of HOTEL facing Meguro Dori, the trimming tables are cluttered in the room where the atmosphere of mid century drifts, the staff of the stylish trimmer which was rich in individuality had cut silently. There was Mr. Egashira facing the dog in a relaxed atmosphere in it.

「I was going for a walk for the first time while serving as an apparel maker. But it is the beginning that I was drawn into the fun of dogs without feeling passion for work.」 Mr. Egashira 's drawn world was deep, and it seems that he once again entered the trimming vocational school and mastered the technology.


「Since there was no place I wanted to train at the trimming salon at that time ... While doing walking agency, I was cutting the original in my apartment. Train and cut while walking ...」
The area around Komazawa Park that he has spent since childhood is an area where many households keep dogs that are one of the leading dogs in Tokyo and it gets popular in a blink of an eye in the vicinity where Mr. Egashira's cut style was seen then it has become impossible to correspond at home apartment.
「Due to the landlord, I thought that this was not good, the result of having to do something ...I thought about putting out a shop, but I did not have funds for myself in my early twenties. That's why I went back to Nagasaki. But that was a mistake. (lol)」
Mr. Egashira looking back at the time while laughing, but this failure became a big trigger for the birth of "DogMan" later.

「途方に暮れながら長崎の街を歩いていたら、当時出来たばかりのSTUSSYの店があって限定のGショックがあってさ、一個買ったんだよ。他にもイルカ・クジラモデルとか普通に売っててお土産のつもりで買ったんだよね。そしたら情報誌にそれが一個15万とか30万で売買してるじゃん、次の日も同じ店に行けば同じ商品が並んでるしさぁ、毎日通ったよ。他にもAIR MAX95とかも何気無く持ってて気付けば自分の身の回りには宝の山。あっという間に東京で店出す資金が出来ちゃったんだよ。(笑)」

Nagasaki was a town where Mr. Egashira was born and was a town where grandparents live, so it was supposed to have been planning to succeed here and to triumphantly come to Tokyo. However, at that time in Nagasaki there are few households keeping dogs indoors. Of course, there is no job ....

「While I was at a loss and walking in the city of Nagasaki, there was a shop of STUSSY just opened at that time, they had a limited G shock, and I bought one. I bought other dolphin / whale models as well as selling them as normal souvenirs. Then, in the information magazine, it turned out that it sold for \150,000 or \300,000 pieces one by one, and I went to the same shop the next day and there were the same items lined up, I went every day. There was AIR MAX 95 besides others casually in that shop, and if I notice it was a treasure mountain around me. I had made money to open the shop in Tokyo in no time. (lol)」


Back then around 1995, along with vintage denim, G shocks, sneakers are unprecedented boom and things that are difficult to obtain are handy as rare items and traded at high prices. In times like the present age before the spread of the Internet it was not easy to get them easily but was traded through information magazines etc. The watch that he bought as a souvenir in this way will trigger Mr. Egashira of 25 years old to start "DogMan" in Shimouma of Tokyo. Was luck also a thing of ability, if you think now that God had a boost? It is an anecdote that can be laughed and talked about now.

That cut thought of a stuffed 「Cheeky」 as a model.


I have been taught by a dog before I know it.

「専門学校でスタンダードを知ったから、「DogMan」に合ったスタイルを求めることが出来ると思うんだよね、基本を学んだから崩す事が出来るし立ち返る事もできる。」 「色々な犬がいて性格があって生活環境も違う。飼い主の人も同じ。飼い主の人が心から求めるカットが全て同じって事は無いでしょう?だから色々なシーンを想像しながらカットしてるんだよ。」

I started 「DogMan」. Mr. Egashira's insistence is said to be the original.

「I do not imitate anything. I believe in the sense of "cute". Cut to the owner.」
「Because I knew the standard at a vocational school, so I think I can ask for a style that suits 「DogMan」, because I learned the basics I can break down and return.」 「There are various dogs and personality and living environment are different. The same is true for the owner. Is not the thing that the owner's heart sought from all that is the same thing? So imagining various scenes while cutting.」 Technically speaking, I cut lines rather than planes. 「I am aware that the dogs themselves are pretty, so cuts that are not too cute. In a style that makes a natural flow without aligning it.」

「The shop which began at the age of 25 also celebrates 20 years and the feelings are changing. While expanding the shop which started in Shimouma to the corner of the HOTEL 「CLASKA」 opened new ways of trimming Salon.
From around the mid 30 's I began to think that I could feel a little resistance against "cute" and I could express the cute or good looking of the man's eyes with a cut. Try incorporating a dread into the cut of a poodle, for example .... 「DogMania」 was opened at previous Shimouma shop as a shop that can express freely ideas with cuts.

 30代半ばを過ぎた辺りから”可愛い”に対して若干の抵抗を感じるようになり男目線の可愛いとか格好良さをカットで表現出来ないかと考え始めた。例えばプードルのカットにドレッドを取り入れてみたり...。 自由な発想をカットで表現できる店として下馬店舗跡に「DogMania」をオープンした。

「オーナーである自分が方向性を決めているというよりも自然に”店”が次の展開に進んでいるように思う。」という江頭氏は、2017年夏に都心である南青山を新たなステージに3店舗目となる「DogMan AOYAMA」を出店させた。


「The dogs that I grow are going through years as well as myself and if I notice it is over my age. I think the shop is the same. It is a shop I made but I feel like I am raised in a shop. Like being taught life from a shop.」
「I meet people through dogs and spread, and I am deeply connected with those I met through dogs.」
「I think that "shop" is proceeding to the next development naturally rather than myself who is the owner deciding the direction.」 Mr. Egashira opened the 「DogMan AOYAMA」 which became the third store in the new stage in the city of South Aoyama in the summer of 2017.

「Play and work are both challenges.」


Whether or not to get a large sized license, I feel that I like being tested


I thought that motorcycle is interesting after a long absence





「This is not it!」
When I was 16 years old, I started riding a motorcycle, starting from the motorized bicycle with step up to medium size and riding a Suzuki Hustler.

In the late 1980s the racer replica boom was in the midst, full cowl's motorcycle overflows all over the city and the attention of Mr. Egashira who was a high school student also full cowl machine then the motorcycle he got it also became Honda CBR Aero, Yamaha TZR.
「I did not have money fundamentally for high school students, so I could not fix it if I fell down. Then, the senior's back-up comes to me.」
「At that time I often went to Shinkiba or Harumi. There is a place that can be called a boomerang in Shin Kiba and was practicing rubbing the knee. I was happy when I made it. Sometimes I fell down.」

Hakone, which now came to go like a matter of course, also traveling with classmates at the time of touring, Hakone was almost a travel sensation. 「There was a guy with a medium sized license, some with a motorized bicycle license and besides, there was not much money so we took a normal road then by the time arriving Hakone, we were already too exhausted. (lol)」

After graduating from high school, I left my bike just like a lot of my friends. I tried riding a Vespa 125 GTR with a girl to go on a fashionable direction. After all, once I began to keep dogs and started doing dogs' work, the car became mainly.



そして、自分に合うバイクって何だろうと考え始めた。その時期にモーターショーがあり、一台のバイクに衝撃を受けた。それが現在の愛車「KTM RC8」だった。



I began to go with a light feeling because I got a little room for feeling past the age of 30 and that I could get a large sized license at the school.
「I thought that motorcycle is interesting after a long absence.」

The large motorcycle I got for the first time was DUCATI 1098.
「Well, it was like being dating a Italian super model.」
「If you ride on me you have to get on this! It looks like. (lol)」
My beloved motorcycle does not fit myself and just only watching gradually.

And I began thinking about what motorcycle would suit me. There was a motor show at that time, and I was shocked by one motorcycle. That was the current mortorcycle 「KTM RC8」.
「After all, the appearance of motorcycle is also an important element. I thought that it is also good to ride the epoch-making design of Kiska design.」
「DUCATI was a super model, while RC8 feels like a friend of a foreigner of the same age. Feelings fit with casualness. I feel like DANNER LIGHT like boots or sneakers. (lol)」
「I also like KTM's off-road feeling felt in RC8. Busy feeling that gear shift up is fast and can not ride slowly...I'm riding! I feel like it and I like it.」
RC8, which was strongly impressed by the prototype at the motor show and the design with little change, has been completed to the extent that there is no room for customization and feels the passion of the creator side.

「Because there is no place to customize, I have repainted white using some variation color of white which I favorite choice. Genuine white, pure white and white with yellowness. Even with the same matte but different shade. My own series that I only know by myself. (lol)」

In any case I would like to vintage RC8 with my own hands. I think that there are no other vehicles that can feel passion so much, so I think that I want the motorcycle makers and bike shops to work hard now. 「After all there is a design also in the cut of the dog as there are designs on the motorcycle as well. Riders and motorcycles. Owner and dog. I think that it is the same in a sense. I think that it would be nice to meet a good motorbike shop and also I wonder if the trimming salon is the same as well ...」


The motorcycle itself is cool. I feel like I'm alive


「I've always been with a dog, so even at home, it may seem like a sweet dad, but it's not. I usually listen to music alone and watch movies. Of course, there are dogs in my life, but my time is also important.」
Riding a motorcycle is my hobby and the only time the dog does not exist, it is exactly my own time.
「Wearing a full face helmet and shut out everything. It seems like time to reset. It's a really important time. The sound, speed, road, and limb are all manipulated differently, and I feel that my sensibility is set in the act of believing the sense. Besides, people riding motorcycles will not get old, I wonder if life feeling does not come out.」

 いろいろ挑戦したいという想いのひとつで45歳の誕生日に、新たなバイクも手に入れた。それはRC8の傍らに異なる輝きを放つグレーのMV AGSUTAドラッグスターだった。RC8と真逆のスタイルであり、ジェットヘルで乗れる気軽なスタイルとパーシャルしながら流せる二気筒と四気筒の良い所取りのような三気筒が面白い相棒。今までとは違うバイクの乗り方・楽しみ方を手に入れたようだ。


One of my desires to try various things, I got a new motorcycle on my 45th birthday. It was a gray MV AGSUTA DRAGSTER that shines a different sparkle beside RC8. It is a true opposite style with RC8, a casual style that can be ridden with a jet helmet and a three-cylinder like a good place of two-cylinder and four-cylinder that can flow the road while partial throttle. It seems that he got a different way to ride and enjoy the motorcycle than before.
「I feel like I want a naked bike to ride easily and I feel I did not go the best way to reward myself. (lol) Because it has this, I may be able to do my best. However, if the hand is injured, it bothers everyone, and it is unpleasant when it becomes a motorcycle prohibition.」

Myself and friends who are trimmers to the last, shops and dogs. The part of belief is unshakable. It continues to evolve taking advantage of his sensibility in both work and play. And although his feelings that he wants to challenge various shapes seems to want the circuit to run, while feeling the personality to Mr. Egashira that it is just good enough to run free practice because difficulty of riding very cooly, and I feel I was able to see the real face of real street bikers this time.
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